The department of Western research covers the regional studies in the Western civilization realm. Accordingly, it conducts research primarily on the two large geographical spheres including Europe and North America. EU and North America are two influential actors in multiple areas like politics, economics, culture and military. They have also a profound impact on the Iranian position in the world. According to the general outlook of the Research Institute, what is most important for this department is to evaluate Iranian relations with the countries, to recommend the best way for promoting Iranian national interests and to interact with the countries in the regions indeed.
Subject areas of the department include:
  • Macro-level factors in Iranian foreign relations with Europe and USAProblems of European and American foreign policy towards Iran
  • Security strategy of US and EU towards the Middle East and Iran
  • Future of Iran’s relations with EU and USA
  • Constituting backgrounds of EU and US foreign policy towards Iran
  • Obstacles of economic, commercial and industrial relations between Iran, EU and USA
  • Inter-continental and transatlantic relations between EU and USA and their impacts on Iran
  • European regionalism and its consequences for Iran
  • European regionalism and its lessons for regional integration in the Middle East
  • EU and US relations with Iran’s regional adversaries and its impacts on Iranian national security
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