The office was established in 1985 as a section of the Research VP, and since 1998 works in the extent of the University Presidency.

The office aims to develop scientific relationship between Shahid Beheshti University and foreign universities, and to promote scientific level of the academic members and students.

The main duties of the office are:

1-Setting up scientific and educational relation with foreign high standard level universities all over the world in the framework of contracts, memorandum of understanding, and supervising its implementation.

2-Dispatching faculty members to foreign universities.

3-Delivering services to foreign universities' faculty members.

4-Dispatching postgraduate students to foreign universities in the scheme of scholarship or mutual agreements.

5-Dispatching university faculty members and students to participate in international conference and sabbatical leave, in other countries.

6-Inviting and receiving guests from foreign universities, in order to visit the University and negotiate with faculty members.

7-Dispatching President, Vice Presidents, executive managers, Professors, to foreign universities to visit and negotiate for Cooperation.


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