To follow the affairs of Shahed and Isargar students the Offices of Shahed and Isargar Students Affairs were established in universities of the country. Shahed students are those who have lost their father, mother, husband or wife in the war of Iraq against Iran. Those who have been wounded and left disabled either at the war fronts or in bombardment / missile attacks by Iraq are called Isargars. Iranian prisoners of the war are called Azadegan. The students who belong to each of these groups and also the members of their families can enjoy all the facilities offered by the Office of Shahed and Isargar Student Affairs.

Rendering appropriate services to such students, promoting their educational and cultural levels, preparing educational aids and cultural counseling are the main objectives of this Office.

The Office of Shahed and Isargar Students Affairs is directed by the General Director under the supervision of the University President, with the following Units:

1.Education Unit

2.Cultural Unit

3.Statistics and Information Unit

4.Administrative Unit

5.Shahed Female Students Unit

6.Counseling Unit

The Offic also includes a high committee in order to solve relevant different problems of Shahed and Isargar students.

 This Committee consists of:

1-The University President (as the Committee President),

2-The University Vice-President for Education,

3-The University Vice-President for Cultural and Student Affairs,

4-General Director for Education,

5-General Director for Student Affairs,

6-General Director for Shahed and Isargar students Affairs, and

7-One Isargar student Chosen by the Committee President.

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