Shahid Shahriari Social and Cultural Education Center was established at Zirab Town of Mazandaran Province in Febuary 2013.
The center is ready to offer services for holding social and cultural training courses, workshops and scientific, cultural and recreational camps to other universities as well as training centers, schools, institutions and governmental/non-governmental agencies.
The center is located in an area of 4600 square meters, with the following features:
The capacity for 110 people, a conference hall for 90 people, a house of worship, a counseling room, a dining room, a kitchen, a movie theater and a sport area.
Aims of the Center
1. To reeducate students in cultural affairs, making them familiar with social problems and enabling them to examine cultural susceptibilities and fight against different attacks in social and cultural arenas;
 2. To familiarize students with Islamic life style;

 3. To enable students gain a comprehensive, balanced and deep understanding of Iranian geography, history and culture;

4. To identify and use Iranian cultural and social capacities in order to stabilize and promote the social and cultural status of Islamic Iran, and to introduce the rich culture and civilization of Islamic Iran;
5. To strengthen and deepen the relation between the student community and the Islamic-Iranian culture, and to increase public awareness in order to promote social and cultural richness with an emphasis on promotion of Islamic life style;
6. To develop a comprehensive and efficient system for social and cultural production;
7. To hold meetings and conferences for proposing challenges, solutions and strategies of social problems.
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