3. Course Credits and Program Length


3.1 Number of Credits:
The number of course credits required for passing in every one of the programs is as follows:
· Associate programs: 68 to 82 credits.
· Continuous bachelor programs other than technical and engineering fields: 130 to 135 credits.
· Continuous bachelor programs for technical and engineering fields: 130 to 140 credits.
· Non-continuous bachelor programs: 67 to 70 credits.
· Continuous master programs: 172 to 182 credits.
Each student may choose 14 to 20 credits in each semester.
Note 1:
In the last academic semester, the student is exempt from meeting the requirement of choosing at least 14 credits.
Note 2:
If the student has only two theoretical courses to be graduated, he/she may pass these courses during the semester through being introduced to a professor after the confirmation by the university and the related professor.
Note 3:
If a student's GPA is at least 17 in a semester, he/she may choose up to 24 credits in the next semester upon the confirmation of the university.
Note 4:
In case the student has up to 24 credits left to be graduated, even if he/she is a conditional student, he/she may choose all the remaining credits in a semester.
Note 5:
The number of chosen credits in the summer term is up to 6 credits.
3.2 Prerequisite courses:
Those who are accepted in continuous associate, bachelor and master programs in any field of study through the nation-wide university entrance exam, should they have grades lower than the minimum requirement in one or more exam subjects upon the discretion of the Educational Council of the accepting university, are required to pass the courses specified by that university as the compensatory (or prerequisite) courses in addition to the courses contained in the approved curriculum.
The course type, credit numbers, content details, method of presentation and teaching time of the prerequisite courses shall be determined by the Educational Council of the accepting university.
3.3 Program Length:
The maximum permitted period of study for non-continuous associate and bachelor programs is 2.5 years, and the maximum permitted period of study for continuous bachelor programs is 6 years.
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