2. Educational System


2.1 Definition of Course Credit
Education is based on a credit system in all Iranian universities.
In the credit system, the value of each course is evaluated in terms of the number of credits of that course, and the student's passing or failure in one course is limited to the same course.
A credit of a course is the period in which the content of the course is taught theoretically (for 16 hours), practically/in Laboratory (for 32 hours), in workshop/through field operation (for 48 hours), via training and internship programs (for 64 hours) during an academic semester (or summer term), based on the program approved by the Ministry of Sciences Higher Council for Planning. For those fields having project, the period of project implementation is determined by the related professor according to the course credit.
2.2 Academic Year
Each academic year consists of two academic semesters, and if necessary, a summer term. Each semester includes 16 weeks, and each summer term involves 6 weeks.
Education does not cover the time during which the final exams are held.
2.3 University Authority Limits over the Curriculum:
All universities are responsible for conducting the curricula approved by the Ministry of Sciences Higher Council for Planning.
Universities are responsible for designing the order of course content (with consideration of prerequisites), adopting a specific teaching methodology, displacing the content details, introducing the new materials in a course, and selecting the resources.
2.4 Selective Courses
Universities may specify a number of courses associated with a field upon the discretion of the related department and present them to the students as selective courses, provided that the number of credits does not exceed the maximum limit in each field.
2.5 Problem-solving hours
Universities may add up to 20 hours to the teaching hours of every bachelor program and up to 10 hours to the teaching hours of every associate program and non-continuous bachelor program as problem-solving hours.
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