Foreign Students Administration Office of Shahid Beheshti University
Foreign Students Administration Office is one of the organizational units of the Vice-presidency for Student Affairs. It is located at room No. 20, Chandmanzoure (multipurpose) building. The administration office is responsible for the coordination of affairs related to non-Iranian students studying at undergraduate as well as graduate levels, introduced from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This unit offers services to non-Iranian students in relation to educational enrollment, welfare, sports, as well as cultural and extracurricular activities.
Administrative Process of Students Recruitment
First, the student sends his/her scholarship application to the Scholarship Council of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Then the student's application is proposed in the Council. If the Council approves the student's application, a letter of introduction will be given to the student. The student delivers this letter to the Foreign Students Administration Office of the university. The administration office sends the letter to the Education Office of the university and the faculty in which the student is going to pursue his/her studies. Afterwards, the Educational Council is formed in the related faculty to make decision on the student's admission. If the Education Office of the university and the Educational Council of the related faculty agree to the student's admission, a confirmation letter will be sent to the Education Office of the university, letting the student go through the enrollment process. Thus, the student refers to the Education Office of the university, located at the second floor of Chandmanzoure (multipurpose) building, to enroll himself/herself and receive his/her student number from the Registration Office. After the completion of the enrollment process, the student is introduced by the Education Office of the university to the Security Office of the university in order to receive his/her student card.
Process of Assigning Welfare Services to Students
1. The administration office's introducing the students (according to gender) to the Accommodation Affairs to enjoy the university facilities;
2. The administration office's sending a letter of introduction to the Nutrition Office for issuing the Nutrition Card.
Administrative Process of Issuing Stay, Exit and Return Permit
1. The students' giving their enrollment documentation including the course selection sheet registered in the educational system, and passport to the administration office;
2. The students' completing the stay, exit and return application forms in the administration office;
3. The administration office's issuing the stay, exit and return permits and delivering them to the students;
4. The administration office's guiding the students for referring to the Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Science and Technology located at: Students Organization, next to Eskan Hotel, Shahid Mousavi St., Ferdowsi Square to receive the final permit for the extension of stay, exit and return.
Note: All correspondence is done by the Foreign Students Administration Office

 Foreign Students Administration Office

Name​ Position​ Phone​ Email​
Anoshiravan Lotfali Kani​ Foreign Students Administrator​ ​22431823-29902150​
Zohreh Amidi​ Senior Expert of Foreign Students Affairs​ ​29903060​​​
Mansour Tavasoli Head of sabbatical Leave Division​ 29902117 ​
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