Affiliated Libraries



The university central library has twenty six affiliated libraries in different faculties and research centers managed in a semi-centralized way. Cataloging and processing of resources are performed in each of the libraries, and these libraries provide specialized services. Students can have membership in the central library besides their faculty library. Each faculty library is shown in the computerized catalogue card in Latin alphabets. The abbreviated form of the faculties name in front of each book record number stands for its location. These units are:


  •     Architecture and Urban Planning
  •     Earth Sciences
  •     Economics and Political Sciences
  •     Education and Psychology
  •     Electrical and Computer Engineering
  •     Islamic Teachings Department
  •     Law
  •     Letters and Human Sciences
  •     Management and Accounting
  •     Mathematical Sciences
  •     Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  •     Sciences
  •     Biological Sciences
  •     New Technologies and Energy Engineering
  •     Nuclear Engineering

Research Institutes

  •     Quran Miracle
  •     Family
  •     Environmental Sciences
  •     Cyberspace
  •     Medicinal Plants and Drugs
  •     Laser and Plasma
  •     Science and Technology Studies

Rsearch Centers

  •     Islamic Economy
  •     The UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy


  •     Abbaspour School of Engineering
  •     Zirab