Circulation Section

The Circulation section has provided an open access to its services since 2002. Students can go to the book storehouse and after inspection, borrow the intended book. They can also have the membership of the library by submitting their student card and one piece of photo.
The number & duration allowed for borrowed books are as follows:

  •     For Bachelor students: 4 books for 10 days
  •     For Master students: 5 books for 10 days
  •     For PhD students 6 books for 30 days

The Central library is a member of Qadir interloan program. For more information, master & PhD students can go to the person in charge.
Preservation of Qadir and library cards is necessary for the final settlement with the university and for the graduation. The loan service is automatic and students can do reservation and book renewal date through the library website. If the book is lost or returned back late, there will be same fine.
Tel: +98 (21) 22431917 - 29903340