Knowledge-based certificate obtained for advanced vacuum microwave plasma product

Plasma Treata Company located in the Laser and Plasma Innovation Center of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) succeeded in obtaining a knowledge-based certificate for its advanced vacuum microwave plasma product.
Dr. Aboutaleb Moradi, CEO of Plasma Treata Company, said: “This is the second knowledge-based product of our company, which enjoys high-level technology in the field of plasma. After solid, liquid and gas, plasma is known as the fourth state of matter and consists of electrons, ions, neutral particles (atoms and molecules) and various chemical types. Plasma technology has been successfully used in various fields of medicine and medical equipment, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural industry, food industry, textile, automobile, printing and packaging, aerospace industry, film deposition, optics and electronics.
Moradi added: "Using the advanced plasma systems produced in the company, we can meet various needs, such as sterilizing medical and surgical equipment, and food and agricultural materials to increase the shelf life, cleaning and improving the bonding and adhesion of very sensitive surfaces with nanometer precision and increasing the biocompatibility of materials and parts used in the medical industry.”
Pointing to the success in the production of dense plasma with high efficiency using the exclusive technology of microwave plasma, the CEO of Plasma Treata emphasized: “A sample of our devices has been installed in the University of Tehran to manufacture MEMS parts. In addition to cleaning and removing surface contamination, this device has the ability to process various substrates including glass surface in less than a minute, making it suitable for bonding polymers such as PDMS to the substrate. Also, the system built by our company has been proven to be effective in increasing the efficiency and reducing the time of making solar cells.”
He continued: “We have also been able to reduce the microbial load of valuable materials and powders used in the food and pharmaceutical industries by using plasma technology in a way that can pass the world's toughest standards. The important point is that the effectiveness in reducing the microbial load that we have achieved through the technology produced in the company has been in a way that cannot be done with any of the conventional technologies such as neutron radiation and ultraviolet radiation, and many industries, before referring to us, acknowledge the ineffectiveness of other methods.”
Regarding the characteristics of the company's plasma systems, Moradi said: “By placing the powder and raw materials that make up common parts used in the industry, such as polymer materials, catalysts, carbon materials, etc., in the plasma systems of Plasma Treata Technology Group and applying the appropriate plasma, significant improvements can be observed in the lifetime and performance of products and as a result the increase in profits of industries. For example, this technology can be used to increase the efficiency of catalysts such as platinum, vanadium pentoxide, nickel and titanium oxide, or it can be used to improve the performance of carbon powders such as activated carbon, black carbon, carbon nanotubes in composites to increase mechanical strength and chemical resistance and improve conductivity of composites. The dental industry can greatly benefit from the unique technology produced in our company. This technology can significantly increase the strength and biocompatibility of materials.”
In the end, Moradi emphasized: “The product produced in our company is cheaper, faster and more efficient than other plasma systems. Also, this technology can be used in the field of diamond crystal growth.”