MoC signed between SBU and Embassy of Japan in Iran

Kazutoshi Aikawa, the ambassador of Japan to the Islamic Republic of Iran, attended Shahid Beheshti University on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 and met with Prof. Aghamiri, president of the university.
In this meeting, which took place in the presence of Akita Atsuko, the deputy of the economic cooperation department, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Shahid Beheshti University and the Japanese Embassy regarding the provision of assistance to physically disabled people under the title of GGP project.
In his welcoming speech, Dr. Aghamiri praised the neighborhood of the Japanese Embassy and Shahid Beheshti University as a good omen for deepening cooperation, and said: “The major part of the university's activity deals with young people. This field has its own complexities, and its main feature is that it knows no borders.”
Announcing his readiness to expand scientific and research relations with Japan, he emphasized: “Shahid Beheshti University has high power and capacity in various disciplines and fields of study, and we are ready to cooperate with Japanese universities in academic activities as well as other areas of interest, including exchange of professors and students, and scientific and technical cooperation. The presence of the ambassador of Japan and the accompanying delegation in the university can pave this path."
Prof. Aghamiri added: “Undoubtedly, the mutual interest of the Japanese embassy and the university will help to carry out joint activities and programs.” He welcomed the launch of the Japanese language program with the help of the Japanese Embassy in Shahid Beheshti University.
The president of the university referred to the study of foreign students in the university, enumerated the university's plans to increase the admission of foreign students and stated: “Considering the developments in Afghanistan and the prohibition of girls' education, Shahid Beheshti University considers giving scholarships to fifty talented Afghan female students. In this area, we are ready to work together with the Japanese Embassy to support Afghan youth."
Kazutoshi Aikawa also mentioned the plans of the Japanese embassy for joint cooperation with Iranian universities and stated that some efforts have been made to improve the level of interactions with Iranian universities and there is the power and capacity to carry out joint projects in the fields of health, medical equipment and vaccine production.
The Japanese ambassador added that the Japanese embassy is ready to cooperate in granting scholarships in the fields of safety and security, as well as donating books.
He pointed to the studies of Iranian students and professors in Japanese universities and scientific institutions and said: “I was amazed to know that some Iranian professors have graduated from the Monbukagakusho Scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education. We have similar programs with other countries, but Iran has the largest number of students, and I am pretty sure that the students of Shahid Beheshti University are also willing to use this program.”