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The Central Library and Archive Center was founded in 1960. The old building was replaced in an area over 3800 m2 in 1970. A new large building with an area over 6800 m2 was added to this library in 2001.

The main mission of the library is providing, maintaining and making accessible the scientific resources including books, journals (in Persian, Arabic, English and other foreign languages), dissertations, reports, information databases, reference books, circulation books, and offering services to users. As faculty libraries were also opened, the central library was assigned the responsibility of their coordination. The University Press joined the central library in 2014, the name changed to «Central Library, Uni. Press, Archive center», to encompass the activities in both areas. Now there are 23 libraries at university faculties and research centers, all are directed in a semicentralized way and meet the users’ needs.



The Central Library has different divisions:

1. Acquisition Division

2. Cataloguing and Processing Division

3. Reference

4. Circulation

5. Periodical and Information Center

6. Dissertations and Document Center

7. Blinds Information Center


The Central Library is member of the following Electronic Databases throughout the world:


1. Science Direct

2. Kluwer

3. Interscience Wiley

4. Emerald

5. IoP


7. ACS

8. Math Sci Net

9. Philosopher’s Index


11. GeoRef