Professional Training Center of SBU obtains ISO standard certificates

The Professional Training Center of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) succeeded in obtaining and renewing ISO standard certificates: Integrated Management System (IMS) and specialized training standard (ISO29993) for the years 2024-25.
Accordingly, evaluation and renewal sessions were held with the presence of representatives from the certification institute BQC and the accreditation body ESYD (based in the European Union), and the standard certificates were received in four areas: ISO: 9001, the standard for organizational quality management systems; ISO: 45001, the standard for occupational health and safety management systems; ISO: 14001, the standard for environmental management systems; and ISO: 29993, the specialized standard for training management.
Since 2013, the Professional Training Center of SBU has been committed to implementing and adhering to international standards to improve and enhance organizational productivity based on the Integrated Management System (IMS), especially in the quality of educational services and learning.
Within the framework of its strategic plan and annual reviews, this center has committed itself to the mission of enhancing skills, competencies, and knowledge of the human resources of organizations requesting training. In this regard, it has always strived to optimally utilize the extensive educational resources and capacities of SBU in the education sector.