‘Principals of Modern Plant Biotechnology and Biosafety’ published by SBU Press

The book "Principals of Modern Plant Biotechnology and Biosafety" written by Masoud Tohidfar, professor of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology of SBU, Mahsa Karimi and Maedeh Feizbakhsh has been published recently by SBU Press in 244 pages.
Presenting the basic principles of genetic science, the contents of the book have been designed and organized in such a way that it is possible to follow the progressive steps in this science so that students of relevant fields in different levels can learn after studying the main topics presented in the book.
The book has eleven chapters dealing with molecular aspects of gene expression and the basis of genetics, recombinant DNA structure and vector design, desirable genes and traits in transgenic plants, marker genes and promoters and their activity, how to produce transgenic plants and the analyzes carried out in this field, examples of field experiments and the biological safety aspects of these products, a comprehensive explanation of the exact changes in the genome and finally the intellectual property in plant agriculture biotechnology and its prospects. All these topics are helpful for graduate students of various fields of biology, as well as activists in related applied fields.