“University Pedagogy, Dialectics of Theory and Practice” published

The book "University Pedagogy, Dialectics of Theory and Practice" written by Dr. Mohammad Yamani Douzi Sorkhabi, a faculty member of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, has been published recently by the Iranian Institute for Social and Cultural Studies in 502 pages.
Coexistence, dialogue and mutual understanding among specialized disciplines are essential to understanding the complexities of academic systems. How can university pedagogy, according to the dialectics of theory and practice, create a suitable ground for pedagogical thinking in a more social, just, atmosphere with an aesthetic sense in the context of enthusiasm and, of course, in the context of theoretical and practical ethics, so that it leads to self-organization of these contexts in interaction with complex teaching and learning situations? For this, it is necessary for the minds of university administrators to constantly interact at different levels with the realities of university systems and to reflect on emerging phenomena in them. The concept of pedagogy, which is emphasized in this book, can never be on the level of art, and it interprets learning in a tasteful atmosphere as the production of meaning by emphasizing the increasing complexity of academic systems.