4 professors of SBU among world’s top 1 % scientists

Four faculty members of SBU have been included in the list of one percent of the world's top scientists up to 2020.

According to Stanford University database, Prof. Hamidreza Khavasi, faculty member of the Faculty of Chemistry and Petroleum Sciences, Prof. Mostafa Zandieh, faculty member of the Faculty of Management and Accounting, Prof. Keivan Navi, faculty member of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, and Prof. Sohrabali Yousefi, faculty member of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences are among the top one percent scientists.

Stanford University has created a database to introduce and present the information on more than 100,000 prominent scientists in the world and provides information on scientists in 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields. These people are selected based on indicators such as the number of their published articles, the number of their scientific works, the impact of their research works, and the number of citations to their published articles.