Contract for research project on China's artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem

The contract for the research project "Studies on the Analysis and Evaluation of China's Artificial Intelligence Innovation Ecosystem" has been concluded as a result of joint cooperation between SBU and the Digital Economy Development Headquarters of the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.
This project was started by Dr. Hadi Nilforoushan, a faculty member of the Institute for Science and Technology Studies of SBU on September 14, 2021.
Considering the strategic importance of artificial intelligence technology for our country, as well as the significant progress of China in the field of artificial intelligence, the purpose of this project is to review the set of policies and strategies of China in the field of artificial intelligence ecosystem development over the past 10 years, thereby providing lessons for the policy-making body in the country in this field.
The project is divided into two main phases. The first phase analyzes the current situation of China in the field of artificial intelligence and examines the historical course of this country's development in this field. The second phase attempts to analyze the innovation ecosystem of this technology in China and to examine the set of policies that have led to the development of this ecosystem.