Faculty member of ESRI takes part in West Asian regional meeting

The regional meeting "Interaction of Climate Change, Energy and Health" was held in the framework of the "concern and conversation" project on May 18 and 19 in Bonn, Germany. In this meeting, participants from nine Asian countries, including Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE participated in person or virtually.

Dr. Mobarghaei, a faculty member of the Environmental Sciences Research Institute (ESRI) participated in this meeting and gave a speech on the ecological dimensions of the effects of climate change. Referring to the ecological consequences of climate change, she addressed the effects of climate change on biodiversity and the amount of biological production in the ecosystem, and discussed its effects on the ecosystem in different production, regulatory, information and habitat sectors.  Dr. Mobarghaei also pointed out the need to estimate the damage caused to ecosystem services in the process of climate change.