Faculty member of SBU wins second place of 2A Continental Architectural Awards

Dr. Azadeh Khaki Ghasr, a faculty member of SBU, won the second place of the “Old and New" category of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2021).

This award was given for "The Green-Blue Yard" project renovated by Dr. Khaki Qasr in collaboration with Dr. Hossein Pourmehdi Ghaem Maghami.

"The Green-Blue Yard" project is dedicated to the revived space of the small yard in Mohammad Esmaeil Tajer Shirazi’s house situated in the old part of Yazd city. Considering the neighborhood of the historical house with the houses of the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Yazd and the need of the students of that faculty to a buffet, as well as examining the capabilities of closed, open and semi-open spaces of the small yard for the audience, this yard was considered for restoration as a student coffeeshop.

The small yard had no trees and ponds. In addition to seeing the sky, the small yard wanted to taste the greenery, freshness, water, fish and plants, and to make the audience taste them. So it was decided that the lower center of the small yard would have a pond. The installation of a boiling pool in that small center with the sound of a boiling fountain was a minimal association with the presence of water and fish in the house. Thinking of the surface cover of the pond as green-blue tiles, and spreading the boiling of life in the pond caused the living green-blue cells to spread all over the lower yard floor and parts of the upper yard floor as the floor carpet.