Research Center for Disabled Sports inaugurated at SBU

The Research Center for Disabled Sports was inaugurated with the aim of applying and developing sports sciences at the regional, national and international levels, with two general areas of championship sports and disabled health, on September 28, 2021 in Building No. 2 of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Health of SBU.

Among the objectives of establishing this center are: designing, presenting and implementing national and international research projects in order to solve the challenges and problems of disabled sports, producing scientific content in accordance with the scientific-practical requirements of disabled sports, providing statistics related to the current state of disabled sports in the country to prepare databases based on the needs of this field, facilitating the gaining of benefits by organizations, institutions and executive centers from the scientific-research facilities of the center and other departments of the university, and transferring scientific-research findings from researches and projects carried out in the center and other national and international centers to the community level and for the benefit of the sports and health policy-making bodies of the country.

This center works in the fields of physiology, behavior and psychology, biomechanics, sports pathology and corrective movements with a research, educational, and empowerment approach.

Prior to the inauguration of the center, three memorandums of cooperation were signed between SBU on the one hand and the Veterans and Disabled Sports Federation, Sports Sciences Research Institute, and the National Paralympic Committee on the other.

The opening ceremony of this center was attended by Dr. Nasiri Gheidari, ‌ President of SBU, Dr. Ali Sharifnejad, Director of the Physical Education and Sports Sciences Research Institute, Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa, President of the Paralympic Committee Academy, Dr. Asbaghian, President of the Veterans and Disabled Sports Federation, Dr. Ahmadizad, Dean of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Health, a group of the University Board members, and faculty members of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Health.