Translation of book “Kasus” published by SBU Press

The book "Kasus", translated by Dr. Kaveh Bahrami, a faculty member of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences has been published recently by SBU Press in 200 pages.

The book is authored by Said Sahel, a professor of linguistics in Bielefeld University of Germany, published in 2018 by the University of Heidelberg.

"Kasus" is a grammatical category of inflectional words, which plays an essential role in recognizing and determining syntactic relations in a sentence, such as subject or object. Kasus expresses the relationship of dependence between the component parts of a sentence. For example, verbs can specify a kind of Kasus that is expressed through the object. The type of Kasus can be recognized through the terminals of definite articles, adjectives and nouns. Although Kasus is one of the most basic grammatical categories of German, and this language is one of the best examples among Germanic languages ​​that has maintained the grammatical system, this grammatical category has not been studied yet.

In addition to raising new topics related to grammar, the author of the book has also answered some of the ambiguities in this field, and therefore the book can be useful for German language teachers, in addition to students of German language and literature, German language teaching and linguistics.

The book begins with the basics of the language system and examines how to learn Kasus by examining the use of this grammatical category in contemporary German. Also, some of the interesting parts of this work include the connection of kasus with subjects such as markedness, the principle of Iconicity, collocations, the principle of linguistic economy, extreme generalization, etc.