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University Press Office
University Press Office started in 1972. Until October 2016, it has published, prepared and distributed more than 620 titles in different academic fields, such as literature and humanities, law, management, economy, environmental sciences, architecture and urban planning, applied sciences and engineering, among which more than 100 titles are in their second or more editions.
Book publishing and sale
Phone no.: +982129902084
Website: https://unipress.sbu.ac.ir


Academic Journals Office

This office has been founded to coordinate the process of publishing university journals at faculties, research centers and campuses. Its main duties include helping promote journals performance qualitatively, increasing their impact factor, making arrangements for the production and publishing of journals, and introducing them at national and international level. At present, 30 journal titles including 27 science-research jornals are published. 27 titles are in Persian and 3 are in English.
Academic Journals Office
Phone no.: +982129903133
Website: http://scj.sbu.ac.ir


Documents and Museum Office

Documents and Museum office was founded to collect and organize information and documents, and also to classify, store, retrieve, integrate and display university documents and museum articles. One of its purposes is to keep record of the university history and documents. Also, it attempts to facilitate the maintenance, classification and access to documents, reduce archives volume, make electronic storage available, use electronic archive and increase the safety of documents in case of natural and unnatural disasters.