Quantum Technologies, Quantum Photonics and Industrial Applications
28 May

The international conference on Quantum Technologies, Quantum Photonics and Industrial Applications will be held on May 28-29, 2024 at Shahid Beheshti University (SBU).
Considering the increasing role of the development of new and advanced technologies in the economic, social and political development of countries, timely and appropriate decision-making in prioritizing technological investments has become very important. Quantum technologies, as one of the emerging fields of technology, have attracted the attention of many policymakers as well as technology companies. The large investments of developed countries and advanced centers in this field of technology indicate very good business-economic potentials as well as business capacities. Studies show that the world is on the verge of a new revolution in the field of quantum technologies, which, like the revolution of digital technologies and the emergence of the information age, will bring great changes in human life. Quantum technologies are expected to have a significant impact on computing power, communication security, measurement and sensing, medicine and health. The field of quantum photonics, as the leader of quantum technologies, has always played a prominent role in explaining and advancing these technologies.
Photonics and specifically quantum optics is an essential tool in the exploration and development of technologies based on quantum mechanics. This field is a pioneer in applied research in quantum technology for scientific and industrial applications. The relevant conferences can include various fields such as quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum measurement and quantum metrology. For example, quantum sensor technology is a rapidly developing field with the potential to revolutionize various industries.
In this regard, Quantum Photonics Technology Research Center and the Laser and Plasma Research Institute of SBU, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, have organized an international conference on quantum technologies and applications in industry. This conference provides a platform for professors, researchers, scientific managers of the country and students to learn about the latest research findings and developments in this field and provide opportunities for networking to create collaborations.
The conference includes keynote lectures, presentations and workshops by local and international experts in the field, presenting the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in quantum. In addition to current challenges, emerging trends and future directions in quantum technologies are discussed. Also, a specialized exhibition of the quantum technology industry can serve as a platform for displaying the latest technology and products of companies and organizations, which provides a suitable opportunity for potential commercialization, cooperation and partnership.

Conference topics:

•    Quantum optics & non-classical light sources
•    Photonic quantum Devices
•    Quantum sensors & quantum measurements
•    Quantum local and remote sensing systems
•    Quantum secure communications
•    Fiber-based quantum communications
•    Quantum information & quantum computations
•    Quantum-enhanced machine learning
•    Quantum cryptography
•    Quantum random number generation
•    Atom optics, Matter waves, & Bose-Einstein condensation
•    Rydberg atoms
•    Atom interferometry and its applications
•    Ion traps
•    Cavity quantum electrodynamics
•    Quantum amplifiers and single-electron transistors
•    Superconducting quantum circuits
•    Quantum optomechanics
•    Laser cooling and ultracold atoms
•    Quantum fiber-optic sensor and Biosensors
•    Quantum Biology
•    Integrated quantum photonics
•    Quantum state engineering
•    Quantum state transfer
•    Quantum non-linear optics
•    Quantum networks and repeaters
•    Quantum control
•    Quantum Coherence

The deadline for submitting articles is May 4, 2024.

Website address for more information and conference registration: quantumphotonic.sbu.ac.ir

Contact number of the conference secretariat: 09104342693
Email: qptc@sbu.ac.ir