Tehran Investment Summit 2022
6 July

The International Conference on Investment Opportunities of Tehran (Tehran Investment Summit 2022) will be held by the Municipality of Tehran and SBU at Milad Tower International Conference Center on July 6-7, 2022. The scientific secretariat of this conference is located in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science of SBU, and Dr. Morteza Tahamipour Zarandi, Associate Dean for Research and faculty member of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science has been selected as the scientific secretary of this conference.

This conference, along with a relevant exhibition, aims to introduce investment opportunities in 22 districts of Tehran. All researchers are invited to submit their papers according to the conference schedule, no later than June 21, 2022 through the conference website at www.tis2022.ir.

The topics of this conference are as follows:

1. Urban revenue

Stabilizing municipal revenues and financing urban development projects

2. Urban economy

Urban economy and sustainable urban development (land management, spatial planning, urban planning, etc.)

3. Financing

The role and position of capital markets, banks and insurance in financing urban development projects

4. Privatization

Model of public-private participation in financing urban development projects

5. External financing

External financing methods and requirements in urban development projects

6. Knowledge-based companies

The role of knowledge-based companies, startups and new technologies in the urban economy

7. Smart city

Smart city development (digital economy, smart economy, blockchain, etc.)

8. Pathology

Pathology of the financing system, urban governance and citizen participation

9. Housing

Housing economics (real estate investment funds, pricing, land economics, etc.)

10. Green City

Green city and human-urban ecology (waste, recycling, air pollution, carbon tax, etc.)


You can also call the conference secretariat at +989360001990.