Virtual Programs

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Today, the rapid progress in the field of Information and Communication Technology has brought about tremendous changes in the structure of Higher Education, like any other areas. Thanks to the extensive tools and facilities provided by Electronic Education, the domain of Higher Education can be expanded, and its quality can be improved. Making the learning easy, eliminating the temporal and local constraints, reducing the expanses, and responding flexibly to social needs are amongst the other characteristics of such education.

In line with the development of virtual education in Iran, Shahid Beheshti University, as one of the greatest universities of the country, initiated to launch its first virtual programs. According to the decisions made by the University Presidential Board, the Vice-presidency for Information and Communication Technology took the responsibility for managing the operation of the virtual programs of the university. After the approval of the course "Master of Management of Information Technology" as the first course for the virtual programs, and following the discussions made by the Vice-presidency for Information and Communication Technology with the Faculty of Management and Accounting, the head of the department of Management was appointed as the Director of the Planning Team for guiding the course. Then, the team, in cooperation with the Division for the Production of Virtual Educational Content, based in the Vice-presidency for Information and Communication Technology, started to design and develop the lessons of this course.

Now, in addition to the said course, the university offers three other courses for Iranian students: Master of Computer Software Engineering, Master of Computer Architecture, and Master of Computer Science.