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In order to professionalize gemology in Iran, the Faculty of Earth Sciences of SBU with more than 45 years history in mineralogy, has considered a long term program for gemology since 2011. The activity began with professional meetings which ended with a road map in the 17th Symposium of Geological Society of Iran (2013) that was organized with the Faculty of Earth Sciences.
The Gemological Development Institute of Iran (GDII) began its activity in the same year with the support of the faculty and the Jewellery Union of Iran in October 2013. The institute began its work in the Technology Units Incubator of SBU but moved to the faculty one year later. Now the Gemological Science and Art Development Company (GEMSA) continues the mission and is one of the active units of the university’s Science and Technology Park, and based on an agreement, the GEMSA can use the facilities and technical labs of the Gemology Center. Holding professional workshops, research, gem identification, and grading are among the main activities of the GEMSA and it has close collaboration with the Gemology Center.
The Gemology Center (GC) of SBU opened officially in October 2015 and gemological activities continued since then in line with the center’s long term development program. The GC is situated in the Faculty of Earth Sciences. The main mission of the center is developing professional gemological activity in Iran. Going this way, the center opened its door for all worldwide scientists, professional gemologists and dealers to communicate and share their experience. At the same time, the center tries to set international labs and standards as a base for developing gemological activities.