Heading Example

Heading Example

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E-learning, also known as e-Education and Distance Learning, has become one of the most important applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education in recent years. Many universities and educational centers around the world have used this type of education in different ways. In order to develop e-learning in the country, SBU launched its first virtual programs in 2006, as a leading university in education and also one of the largest universities in the country.

The E-learning Center of SBU has undergone a growing trend in recent years, with the use of appropriate hardware and software infrastructure and specialized manpower, as well as the support of the university and faculty members of various faculties.

Visions of the Center

  1. Designing, planning and implementing advanced educational programs according to the mission of the university
  2. Using cyberspace education extensively according to the needs of the society, industry and organizations to flexible and accessible education
  3. Improving the quality of the university’s virtual programs and short-term practical specialized trainings, and expanding them
  4. Making educational services comprehensive and diverse with a demand-oriented and customer-oriented approach
  5. Standardizing and improving the quality of education, reducing the costs, and increasing and maintaining the regional and international reputation of graduates of SBU
  6. Applying the latest standards in the quality of student education and motivating faculty members and staff 

Services of the Center

  1. Offering university programs at the master’s level
  2.  Providing intra-university services and courses for faculty members, staff and students
  3.  Offering free short-term specialized skills courses to the general public and providing services for holding webinars and electronic courses