Professor of SBU actively attends 91st ICOLD General Assembly

The 91st International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) General Assembly was hosted by Sweden on Thursday, June 15, 2023 with the presence of Dr. Ali Nourzad, dean of the Faculty of Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering of Shahid Beheshti University, honorary vice-chairman of ICOLD and chairman of the executive board of the Iranian National Committee on Large Dams (IRCOLD). 
Announcing this news, Dr. Nourzad added: “Considering the importance of dams, the necessity of facing challenges and maintaining these huge structures, as well as the importance and position of hydroelectric power plants in Sweden and other countries of the world, the Swedish National Committee on Large Dams (SwedCOLD) and the government of this country hosted the 91st ICOLD General Assembly.”
Enumerating the activities of Iran's representative in this event, the honorary vice-chairman of the ICOLD stated: “I presented the annual performance report of the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) in the group meeting. I also gave a special speech in the specialized workshop on capacity building and dams (manpower). I was the chairman of the earth dams meeting (S6-D) of the symposium.”
Among the achievements of this important international event are: effective attendance at the Annual Meeting, distribution of the brochure of the 94th Executive Meeting of ICOLD, displaying the introduction video of Iran and the city of Shiraz at the General Assembly meeting, active presence in specialized committees for technical inspection of dams, dams with cement materials, capacity building and dams (manpower) and historic water structures, presenting two papers orally in the symposium and one paper in the form of a poster, participation of experts and representatives of Iran in the preparation of the bulletins of the ICOLD titled "Dam Breach Flood Consequence Assessment" (Bulletin 197) and "Ageing of Concrete Dams" (Bulletin 198), planning for the active presence of participating representatives in specialized committees, active presence of Sadafazar company in the specialized exhibition, and acceptance of 15 scientific articles from Iranian researchers in this symposium.