Subsonic wind tunnel device launched in SBU

A subsonic wind tunnel device was launched in the specialized aerodynamics laboratory of the Faculty of New Technologies and Aerospace Engineering of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU).
This device with the cross-sectional area of the test room 150*60 was installed in SBU after loading from the origin on Tuesday morning, July 27, 2023.
Wind tunnels are among the most important research devices in the aerospace engineering department, which make it possible to test and research complex fluid-aerodynamic phenomena and also design complex devices such as airplanes, rockets, car bodies, etc. by creating a uniform and developed air flow without possible and destructive disturbances. This device also makes it possible to simulate different conditions of air flow on the structures of flying objects.
The simulation process by the wind tunnel makes it possible to do aerodynamic tests, visualize the flow around the flying object, and facilitate the design and construction process by optimizing the lift and drag coefficients, increasing the final speed, identifying and eliminating areas with strong gradient flows, and reducing noise for flying devices.