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The Center for Economic and Political Studies of the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences of SBU has been established with the aim of disseminating and expanding basic, applied and developmental research in order to meet the needs of the community at domestic, regional and international levels. Some of the goals of this center are:

  • Conducting basic, applied and developmental research projects in theoretical foundations, and practical models of economics, theories and strategies related to economic progress and development in Iran
  • Advancing the knowledge of economics through connections with educational and research centers and institutions in Iran and the abroad.
  • Providing educational and research opportunities  for faculty members, students and experts in important issues related to Iranian economy
  • Providing consulting services to the executive and policy-making bodies in Iran and training researchers in the required fields
  • Assessing Iran’s economic performance continuously and presenting executive strategies within the framework of economic plans and policies
  • Publishing theoretical and applied research results to enhance the public awareness about    performance of Iranian economy
  • Promoting basic and applied research in Islamic economics (Currently the center’s library is one of the important sources for researchers in this field.)