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Heading Example



Vice-presidency for Education supervises all the educational activities of the university. In this vice-presidency, Directorship of Educational Affairs has the responsibility of directing the educational affairs for undergraduate students. Directorship of Graduate Studies is responsible for directing the educational affairs for postgraduate students. Directorship of Educational Planning and Coordination is in charge of the affairs for reviewing the existing course outlines and establishing new courses. Finally, Office of the Gifted and Talented has the duty of accomplishing the affairs for the elite students.



1. Director of Educational Affairs

2. Director of Graduate Studies

3. Director of Educational Planning and Coordination


Main Duties

- Registration

- Exam Administration

- Course and Class Scheduling

- Issue of Report Cards

- Issue of Certificates and Diplomas

- Program and Course Planning in Accordance with Legislation of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution


Contact Info

Phone: +98 (21) 29902110

Fax: +98 (21) 22431846

Email: Eduvp@Mail.sbu.ac.ir