Vice-presidency for Research and Technology

Scientific Journals

The Vice-presidency for Research and Technology of Shahid Beheshti University attempts to publish scientific journals according to the following objectives:

    To help promote the cultural and scientific level of the experts, technicians, students and practitioners of the fields relating to multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary cultural, social and economic development;
    To aid communication among the educational, scientific and research establishments as well as the researchers and experts in order to promote the transfer and exchange of knowledge as well as the awareness of modern scientific achievements;
    To help promote the research and to help solve the scientific and technical problems relating to the challenges of Iran's cultural, social and economic development;
    To contribute to Iran's cultural, social and economic development by criticizing and examining the research, product and service plans and projects and how to implement them.

The first scientific journal of Shahid Beheshti University was being published under the title of "National University of Iran" in the Faculty of Law since 1968. This journal has moved on under the name of "Legal Research" since 1988. The second scientific journal was first published with the name of "National University of Iran" in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1975. This journal has continued its activities with the title of "Soffe" since 1990. The scientific journals of "Earth Sciences" and "Human Sciences" were first published in 1978 and 1985, respectively.
Afterwards, the journals of "Political and International Approaches Quarterly", "Kamale Modiriat" "Payeme Modiriat", "Daneshname", "Tose'e", "Amouzesh va Parvaresh", "Environmental Sciences" and "Ayeneh marefat" were published in 2001, 2001, 2002,2002, 2003 and 2003, respectively. At the present time, Shahid Beheshti University offers 27 scientific journals. Meanwhile, several other specialized scientific journals are under development.
Professors, scholars, researchers and students are invited to send their specialized articles for publication to the respected journals.