Vice-presidency for Cultural and Social Affairs

Student Counseling Center

The mental health of the academic community is one of the most valuable social capitals. To ensure this mental health, Student Counseling Center of Shahid Beheshti University provides the students and staff with health and counseling services.

This center is ready to provide the relevant services in collaboration with psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists, while respecting the confidentiality principle in a free and reliable environment.

The Center aims to:
1) Improve students' level of psychological knowledge and insight concerning their problems and needs;
2) Reduce students' psychological problems and increase their compatibility by providing psychological assistance in solving behavioral, emotional, cognitive, educational and family problems, etc;
3) Help students gain a correct understanding of their abilities and problems;

4) Help students make informed, good and wise decisions;

5) Prevent the incidence and prevalence of mental disorders as well as emotional and behavioral problems through holding workshops, meetings, question and answer sessions and conferences,  and distribution of brochures, magazines, books, etc. to enhance and improve knowledge and skills required for psychological, social and educational empowerment;
6) Identify and intervene with crises in order to develop mental health and provide psychiatric services;
7) Contribute to student's personality, psychosocial and social development and to help them gain decision-making power and increase their level of environmental compatibility;

8) Communicate with students' parents with the aim of involving them in preventing the students' problems.