‘Graphical Methods in Exploratory Data Analysis’ published

The book “Graphical Methods in Exploratory Data Analysis”, written by Ehsan Bahrami Samani, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), has been published recently by SBU Press in 172 pages.
Today, exploratory data analysis has expanded with the emergence of data science in the world as a new science including statistics, mathematics, computer science and engineering, and with the expansion of various software. This type of analysis, which plays a significant role in science and human knowledge, is one of the important and necessary parts of data science; a science that is also developing and expanding in Iran.
Many researchers ask why exploratory data analysis is important. In response, it should be said that exploratory data analysis allows all researchers to reach a general understanding of data, identify data anomalies, and discover patterns and connections among data and finally build a powerful machine for data analysis.
Data visualization is one of the important tools in exploratory data analysis. It is a tool for generating a visual representation of data that is directly used in data exploration, exploration and analysis. This visual interaction helps uncover insights that lead to more appropriate, data-driven decisions.
The present book, which is the first book in Persian language on the subject of exploratory data analysis, covers five chapters, including the basics of exploratory data analysis, exploratory analysis to discover the relationship between continuous and ordinal data types, exploratory analysis in data clustering, anomalies in data and exploratory analysis in missing data. The unique feature of this book is to develop the skill of exploratory data analysis using statistical software. Focusing on the R software, the author has presented examples of graphical methods in exploratory data analysis. Therefore, the book is a suitable and effective resource for students, statisticians, and specialists in data science, computer science, and engineering to complete a variety of projects in various fields.
To buy this book, students and interested parties can go to the sales office of Shahid Beheshti University Scientific Works Publishing Center, located in the Information Technology (IT) building, ground floor, or order online through the center's website. It is also possible to buy the electronic file of the book from “Fidibo”, “Booket” and “Taaghche” websites.