‘The Principles of International Commercial Law’ reached its fifth edition

The six-volume series “The Principles of International Commercial Law” authored by Dr. Mehrab Darabpour, a faculty member of the Faculty of Law of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) has reached its fifth edition.
This book, which is the result of a collaboration by 15 faculty members and 12 researchers under the supervision of Dr. Darabpour, has been published by Ganj-e Danesh Publications.
This book is an introduction to international commercial law, which familiarizes its audience to the relevant basic legal, economic and managerial principles. In this regard, the review of effective organizations and factors in establishing hard and soft laws and general principles governing commercial transactions has been written in a simple educational language. Law is valuable if it is appropriately managed in order to improve the lives of human beings by observing social responsibilities and economic principles such as cost and benefit and relative advantages. Otherwise, if it is based on non-economic foundations, without observing management principles, its losses will be far more than its benefits. If the establishment of new domestic or international regulations is based on collective wisdom and traditions accepted with this wisdom, it will bear sweet economic and especially moral and human fruits. The present series of educational books has been arranged on this basis.
Each chapter of all six volumes of this series is a summary and the result of years of teaching and research. All the chapters have been reviewed by relevant professors and scholars, and their possible defects have been resolved. The purpose of writing these books is not to describe all formal and substantive issues of international commercial law, but rather to outline the important and key practical points of each subject, which will quickly introduce the reader to these laws and their influential factors.