‘Thermal Power Plants: Design and Operation’ published

The book “Thermal Power Plants: Design and Operation”, written by Gholamreza Ahmadi, master's graduate, Ali Jahangiri, associate professor and Mohammad Ameri, professor of the Faculty of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of Shahid Beheshti University, has been published recently in 700 pages by SBU Press.
Statistics show that thermal power plants are still the main group of electricity providers in the world. Although the share of renewable energy sources in electricity supply has been increasing in recent decades, predictions indicate that the installation and operation of thermal units with fossil fuel sources will continue. In our country, due to the use of fossil fuel resources more than the world average, thermal power plants are expected to be more popular. Therefore, updating the knowledge of recognition and exploitation of these units is still necessary. At present, numerous references regarding thermal power plants are available to students and researchers, but by examining them, one can realize deficiencies in some aspects. This issue prompted the authors to write a comprehensive book on the design and operation of thermal power plants, which can be considered a complete source in this field, using their years of experience including teaching, employment and research.
On the one hand, the book will be a textbook reference for undergraduate students in mechanical engineering and energy engineering, and on the other hand, it will be useful for graduate students in energy conversion and applied energy systems, and it can be a comprehensive resource for operators, managers and employees of power plants in the country, as well as organizations related to the energy ministry. The contents of the book are presented in 11 chapters and topics, including introduction to thermodynamics, cycles of thermal power plants, exergy analysis, steam generators, fuels and combustion, steam turbines, gas turbines, piston engines, ancillary systems of thermal power plants, automatic control systems, interlocks and protections, rehabilitation, start-up and shutdown, air pollution control, condensing and cooling systems, cogeneration, codes and standards for the design and operation of power plants.