Persian translation of ‘Statistics and Scientific Method’ published

The Persian translation of the book “Statistics and Scientific Method: An Introduction for Students and Researchers” by Dr. Mohammad Ghasem Vahidi Asl, professor, Dr. Alireza Taheriun, assistant professor, and Dr. Ehsan Bahrami Samani, associate professor of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of Shahid Beheshti University has been published recently by SBU Press in 166 pages. The book was originally written by Peter Diggle and Amanda Chetwynd.
Statistics is the science of collecting and interpreting data. Therefore, it is related to almost every type of scientific research and what should be considered important is the inseparable connection of statistics with scientific method. The basic idea in the statistical method is to understand the variability in the data and especially to understand that some changes observed in the test results are predictable or systematic and some are unpredictable or random.
Understanding probability is of fundamental importance in the field of statistics, but too much emphasis on probability may make this subject appear too technical and reduce the status of the subject of statistics. Therefore, the authors of the book aim to provide a panacea for technical lessons in statistics. Their emphasis is on statistical concepts and their intention is to establish a link between the statistical method and the scientific method to show how statistical thinking is useful in every stage of scientific research. Therefore, the book is not specific to statistics students and all students and researchers can benefit from this book, because statistical thinking includes the design of experiments or observational studies to the collection and processing of the resulting data and the interpretation of the results of data processing in any scientific field. In fact, by reading this book, students and researchers will get to know the basic role of statistics in scientific research, the main ideas in experimental design, statistical inference and statistical modeling.
The present book which is written in ten chapters, including experimental design, analysis, modeling, etc. opens a way for interested students and researchers to use the right tools to solve their problems in any specialty, whether they are familiar with computer and R programming language or not.
To buy this book, students and interested parties can go to the sales office of Shahid Beheshti University's Science Publication Center located in the Information Technology (IT) building, ground floor, or order online through the center's website. It is also possible to buy the electronic file of the book from “Fidibo”, “Booket” and “Taaghche” websites.