Software Engineering Principles published by SBU Press

The book Software Engineering Principles, authored by Dr. Alireza Shameli-Sendi, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering of SBU has been published recently by SBU Press in 342 pages.

Software engineering principles is one of the most important courses in the final years of the bachelor's degree program of computer engineering. With the help of this course, the students acquire the necessary skills in the production cycle of a software product as well as an overview of all aspects of the software production life cycle. The book Software Engineering by Roger S. Pressman is one of the main valuable resources of this course in all universities of the world, but unfortunately, due to the complexity of the concepts presented and the lack of practical examples, students find it difficult to communicate with it.

The present book, which is the result of four years of efforts to provide an appropriate resource for students of this course, is written in eleven chapters. The purpose of the book is to teach the principles of engineering that must be observed in all stages of software production. Therefore, first the RUP framework and agile methodologies are explained, and then the concepts of software quality, rearrangement, design patterns, change management in software projects, software project estimation, risk management, and finally important techniques for managing a software project are discussed. The author of the book has tried to provide suitable examples for students in all chapters. In addition, throughout the text, an attempt has been made to use simple and practical examples in order to reduce the gap between theoretical and practical issues and to make the concepts effective. Therefore, the book is also a good resource for graduate students of software engineering and engineers working in the information technology industry.