Master's Programs

Faculties/Research Institutes/ Research Centers


Letters and Human Sciences

Archeology - Prehistoric Iran

Archeology - Historic Iran

History - History of Islam

History - History of Islamic Iran

History - History of Ancient Iran

History - World General History

History - Central Asia and The Caucasus Studies

Teaching English Language

English Language and Literature

Teaching German Language

Arabic Literature

Persian Language and Literature

Persian Language and Literature - Child and Adolescent Literature

French Language and Literature

French Language Translation

Teaching Persian Language as a Foreign Language


Iran's Ancient Languages

Social Sciences Research


Theology and Religions

Political Jurisprudence

History and Civilization of Islamic Nations

Islamic Mysticism

Comparative Mysticism

Islamic Philosophy and Theology

Comparative Theology

Islamic Ethics Teacher Training

Islamic Theoretical Foundations Teacher Training

Qur'an and Hadith Knowledge Teacher Training

Islamic History and Civilization Teacher Training

Iranology Foundation

Iranology - Fundamentals of Manuscript Studies and Restoration of Manuscripts

Iranology - Iranology Focusing on History

Iranology - Fundamentals of Manuscript Studies and Restoration of Manuscripts

Iranology - People's Culture, Custom and Cultural Heritage


Human Rights Law

Environment Law

International Law

Energy Law

International Commercial Law

Intellectual Property Law

Criminology and Criminal Law

Private Law

Economic Law

Public Law​


Family Law

Clinical Psychology - Family

Economics and Political Science

Economics - Energy Economics

Economics - Theoretical Economics

Economics - Economic Systems Programming

International Relations

Regional Studies - Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Political Thought in Islam

Political Science

Education and Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology

Educational Psychology

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

General Psychology

Knowledge and Information Science - Information Management

Human Resources Education and Improvement

Curriculum Development

History and Philosophy of Education

Educational Management

Higher Education Management and Planning

Counseling - Rehabilitation Counseling

Counseling - Family Counseling

Counseling - School Counseling

Mathematical Sciences

Socioeconomic Statistics

Mathematical Statistics

Data Science

Mathematics Education

Pure Mathematics - Algebra

Pure Mathematics - Analysis

Pure Mathematics - Graphs and Combinatorics

Pure Mathematics - Mathematical Logic

Pure Mathematics - Geometry (Topology)

Soft Computations - Logical Algebraic Structure

Mathematics and Applications - Analysis

Mathematics and Applications - Algebra

Mathematics and Applications - Mathematical Logic

Mathematics and Applications - Geometry (Topology)

Applied Mathematics - Numerical Analysis

Applied Mathematics - Data Sciences

Applied Mathematics - Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Actuarial science

Computer Sciences -Algorithms and Theory of Computation

Computer Sciences - Data mining

Earth Sciences

Geography and Rural Planning - Rural Sustainable Development Management

Geography and Rural Planning - Physical-Spatial Planning

Geography and Rural Planning - Territorial Spatial Arrangement

Geography and Tourism Planning - Spatial Planning of Tourism Complexes

Geography and Urban Planning - Urban Environment

Political Geography - Space Political Planning

Climatology - Synoptic

Climatology - Environmental Climatology

Geomorphology - Theoretical Geomorphology

Geomorphology - Geomorphology and Environment Preparation

Nature Tourism - Geotourism

Environmental Hazards

Earth Sciences - Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Earth Sciences - Sedimentology and Sedimentary Petrology

Earth Sciences - Tectonics

Earth Sciences - Petroleum geology

Earth Sciences - Hydrogeology

Earth Sciences - Petrology

Earth Sciences - Economic Geology

Earth Sciences - Industrial and Mineral Rocks

Remote Sensing and GIS - Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing and GIS - GIS

Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Rehabilitation

Chemistry and Petroleum Sciences

Chemistry - Organic Chemistry

Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry - Physical Chemistry

Chemistry - Polymer Chemistry

Chemistry - Catalyst Chemistry

Environmental Sciences Research Institute

Environmental Sciences and Engineering - Biodiversity Management and Conservation

Environmental Sciences and Engineering - Environmental Pollutions


Environment - Environmental Planning

Environment - Environmental Education

Life Sciences and Biotechnology



Animal Biology - Biosystematic

Animal Biology - Cellular and Developmental

Animal Biology - Physiology

Marine Biology - Sea Animals

Agricultural Biotechnology

Plant Biology - Systematic and Ecological

Plant Biology - Physiology

Biotechnology - Microbial

Microbiology - Biology of pathogenic Microbes

Microbiology - Industrial

Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Medical Engineering - Bioelectric

Sport Sciences and Health

Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises - Sport Injuries

Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises - Corrective Exercises

Motor Behavior - Motor Learning and Control

Motor Behavior - Motor Development

Sport Psychology

Sport Physiology - Sport Physiology and Health

Sport Physiology - Applied Sport Physiology

Sport Management - Marketing Management in Sport


Electrical Engineering - Secure and Encrypted Communication

Information Technology Engineering - Multimedia Systems

Industrial Engineering - Information Systems

New Technologies and Aerospace Engineering

Wood Technology and Cellulosic Products Engineering - Cellulose Industries

Aerospace Engineering - Flight Dynamics and Control

Aerospace Engineering - Space Engineering

Aerospace Engineering - Propulsion

Aerospace Engineering - Air Structures

Wood Technology and Cellulosic Products Engineering - Lignocellulosic Composites


Physics - Fundamental Particles and Field Theory

Physics - Gravitation and Cosmology

Physics - Astronomy and Astrophysics

Physics - Statistical Physics and Complex Systems

Physics - Optics and Laser

Physics - Plasma Physics

Physics - Condensed Matter Physics

Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute

Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Chemistry - Phytochemistry

Gardening Sciences and Engineering - Pharmaceutical Plants

Laser and Plasma Research Institute


Plasma Technology

Management and Accounting


Managerial Accounting


Entrepreneurship - Organizational

Entrepreneurship - New Business

Business Management - Marketing

Business Management - International Business

Business Management - Strategic Management

Business Management - Strategy

Public Management - Human Resources Development

Public Management - Public Policy Making

Public Management - Organizational Behavior Management

Technology Management - Technology Transfer

Technology Management - Technology Innovation

Industrial Management - Operations Research

Industrial Management - Production and Operation

Industrial Management - Quality Management and Productivity

Information Technology Management - Advanced Information Systems

Information Technology Management - Electronic Business

Information Technology Management - Knowledge Management

Financial Management

Protein Research Center


Institute for Science and Technology Studies

Science and Technology Policy Making

Interdisciplinary Quranic Studies Research Institute

Qur'anic Sciences - Qur'an Miracle

Computational Quran Mining

Architecture and Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Regional Planning

Urban Design

Architectural Technology - Bionic Architecture

Project Management and Construction

Architecture and Energy

Restoration and Regeneration of Historic Buildings and Fabrics - Conservation and Restoration of Urban Heritage

Restoration and Regeneration of Historic Buildings and Fabrics - Conservation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage

Iranian Architecture Studies

Architectural Engineering

Post-Disaster Reconstruction

Landscape Architecture Engineering

Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Communication)

Electrical Engineering - Micro and Nano Electronics Devices

Electrical Engineering - Digital Electronic Systems

Electrical Engineering - Integrated Electronic Circuits

Electrical Engineering - Power Electronics and Electric Machines

Electrical Engineering - Electric Transportation Systems

Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications - System

Electrical Engineering - Field and Wave Communications

Electrical Engineering (Power and Control)

Electrical Engineering - Electric Energy Systems Planning and Management

Electrical Engineering - Power Systems

Electrical Engineering - Control

Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering

Engineering in Natural Disasters

Civil Engineering - Earthquake

Civil Engineering - Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering - Water and Wastewater

Civil Engineering - Transportation

Civil Engineering - Geotechnique

Mapping Engineering - Ground Management Systems

Civil Engineering - Water and Hydraulic Structures Engineering

Civil Engineering - Water Resources Engineering and Management

Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Renewable Energies Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion

Energy Systems Engineering - Energy Technology

Energy Systems Engineering - Energy Systems

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Applied Design

Mechanical Engineering - Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Technical Inspection Engineering

Materials Engineering - Characterization and selection of engineering materials

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering - Medical Radiation Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Engineering - Computer Systems Engineering

Information Technology Engineering - Organizational Architecture

Computer Engineering - Software

Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics​​​​​​​