PhD Programs

Faculties/Research Institutes/ Research Centers


Letters and Human Sciences

History - History of Post-Islamic Iran

English Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

Persian Language and Literature

French Literature


Teaching Persian Language as a Foreign Language

Sociology - Sociology of Iranian Social Issues

Philosophy - New Age Philosophy

Philosophy - Greek and Middle Ages Philosophy

Theology and Religions

Islamic Ethics Teacher Training

Islamic Knowledge Teacher Training - Islamic Theoretical Foundations

Islamic Theoretical Foundations - Islamic Revolution

Islamic Knowledge Teacher Training - Qur'an and Islamic Texts

Islamic Knowledge Teacher Training - Islamic History and Civilization

Iranology Foundation



Public International Law

International Commercial and Investment Law

Petroleum and Gas Law

Criminology and Criminal Law

Private Law

Public Law​


Family and Women Studies

Economics and Political Science

Economics - International Economics

Economics - Monetary Economics

Economics - Economic Development

International Relations

Political Science - Political Thoughts

Education and Psychology


Clinical Psychology

Educational Psychology

Health Psychology

Higher Education - Higher Education Development Planning

Higher Education - Information Technology in Higher Education

Higher Education - Curriculum Development in Higher Education

Higher Education - Higher Education Management

Curriculum Development

Educational Management

Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Cognitive Sciences - Psychology - Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Neuroscience - Brain and Cognition

Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Modeling

Sport Sciences and Health

Motor Behavior

Sport Physiology

Management and Accounting


Business Management - Marketing Management

Business Management - Business Policy Making Management

Public Management - Organizational Behavior

Public Management - Human Resources Management

Industrial Management - Operations Research

Industrial Management - Production and Operation

Information Technology Management - Smart Business

Financial Engineering

Mathematical Sciences


Mathematics - Algebra

Actuarial science

Computer Sciences - Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Earth Sciences

Geography and Rural Planning

Geography and Civil Planning

Political Geography



Earth Sciences - Tectonics

Earth Sciences - Sedimentology

Earth Sciences - Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Earth Sciences - Underground Waters

Earth Sciences - Petrology

Earth Sciences - Economic Geology

Remote Sensing and GIS

Chemistry and Petroleum Sciences

Chemistry - Organic Chemistry

Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry - Polymer Chemistry

Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry - Physical Chemistry

Environmental Sciences Research Institute

Environmental Sciences and Engineering


Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Animal Biology - Physiology

Marine Biology - Sea Animals

Agricultural Biotechnology

Plant Biology - Systematic



Physics - Fundamental Particles and Field Theory

Physics - Gravitation and Cosmology

Physics - Statistical Physics and Complex Systems

Physics - Optics and Laser

Physics - Plasma Physics

Physics - Condensed Matter Physics

Medicinal Plants and Drugs Research Institute

Chemistry - Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Laser and Plasma Research Institute


Plasma Engineering

New Technologies and Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering - Flight Dynamics and Control

Aerospace Engineering - Space Engineering

Architecture and Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Urban Design


Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Communication)

Electrical Engineering - Electronics

Electrical Engineering - System

Electrical Engineering - Field and Wave Communications

Electrical Engineering (Power and Control)

Electrical Engineering - Power

Electrical Engineering - Control

Civil, Water and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering - Earthquake

Water, Wastewater and Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering - Geotechnique

Civil Engineering - Water Resources Engineering and Management

Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering - Energy Conversion

Mechanical Engineering - Applied Design

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering - Medical Radiation Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Engineering